Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gamers club!

Well Grandpa and Grandma Howland sent the kids a box of presents! We waited like what seemed forever till finally it came=) They were sooo surprised the older three got a Nintendo DSI and Kylee got 2 babies....she says they are barbie anyway here are some pictures to see of them getting them. Thank You Grandpa and Grandma Howland!!!!!
Love you Bye!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out for some fun today!

Today Rhianna wanted to take a few of her friends out...the plan was to take dads boat, our boat, and all the quads. Bummer our boat broke on Easter so we didn't take it. But we did still go and boy was it a change in weather! Just Rhianna's luck LOL! It was COLD and WINDY! Not good for the boat but was perfect for the quads. I took a few pictures cause it was beautiful out.

On another note Brendon lost his first tooth I haven't taken a picture yet but I will in the morning.....With his five dollar bill from our generous tooth fairy! Ok so the story behind the RICH tooth fairy was all my fault....whats new right? I could swear I grabbed a single with Nick but when he came RUNNING into the room in the morning yep it was a 5! So we made up this story that the tooth fairy must give more for the first lost tooth. WINK! WINK! Slick right? Oh and by the way I did it again and made sure to look several times so I wouldn't but sure enough I did!........Chris did the fairy thing tonight so I didn't give away our life savings. LOL

Ok here it is......

Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was fun this year.

The kids got baskets full of goodies and a real baby chick! They are soo cute. The farmers dyed them all different colors for Easter so we got all the kids one. LOL Brendon named his green one MONEY! Kylee named her pink one PENNY, Alexa named her blue one BLUEBERRY and Nicks orange chick is named Anaken Crush Howland! LOL! Dont think that will last long.... Well we went to the lake for the day and came home for a huge dinner feast. We had a ham, turkey and all the fixings. We were so full we didnt even get to all the desert. I was going to do an egg hunt at the lake but I chickened out because I am soo scared of my kids getting bit by a snake. So the park will do fine =)