Sunday, June 14, 2009

It CAN get better than this!

Today I am not happy! Nick threw up and I have a ton of work I can be doing.......Last week Alexa got sick and found out she has Scarlet fever! The day before I took Brendon to the Cardiologist for his murmur and found that he has 2 plus a dilated left ventricle and his rhythm is off. He had to get a hulter monitor to record his heart doing all the normal things at home. So Thursday we got that on.....The stupid lady didn't give me any extra leads or pads sooo once he went out to ride his bike 3 fell off and I had no way to put them back on! I was not happy about that. I called and the lady said I can come back in the next day and get it replaced and all the spare leads to take for sure this time. I MADE SURE!!!! She was actually very nice and even gave him a vest thing to help keep the leads in place. She also gave me a chart in case they fall off so I know where to put them back on. We started talking and her son has the same thing as Brendon and told me that I need to watch Brendon close cause if he gets the scarlet fever he will have to be hospitalized cause he could die if not really careful with fevers and infection. So home to disinfect I went. We are swamped with work and I have to stay home with all these kids and keep them all away from each other! How frustrating! So I cleaned the living room and put all the kids in their own corners or spots and popped in a movie. Nick wanted to go to grandpas so I let him so he could stay away from Alexa. And here we are days later and he is throwing up and coughing and has a sore throat!!!!! So to the doctors I will be going, tomorrow. This is the life of a mother of 4! If he has the strep or scarlet fever I am locking him in his room with some snacks and movies cause I am going to stop this once and for all. This fever thing is no fun!

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